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"Romanelli is a Brazilian impressionist. Being born in a tropical country is something that makes great difference when one compares his painting with the works of the European masters who have inspired him in his artistic trajectory. In this context, Romanelli presents himself as an artist of today, with the priviledged position of recollecting from Art History principles, inspirations and expression forms originated from several movements. The adjective impressionist is certainly the one in which better defines him. But we can see in the counterpoint clear / dark, present in his paintings many times in a dramatic way, the lessons of Renaissance master painters. His atmospheric effects come from the observation of the Brazilian landscapes, brighter than the European ones, and for this reason, the live yellows and orange hues, seldom found in paintings from other countries, are fully there. In many of his human figures there are reminiscences of the Baroque, an artistic form of expression that is in the historic blood of the Brazilian people. His abstractionist paintings are pure and a free explosion of colors, showing his concrete affinities with the expressionist school. Many of his paintings, chiefly urban scenes, have realistic images, more precise and less diffuse."

Mário Margutti
Writer and art critic

"Romanelli´s interest for art started at 15 years of age and never abandoned it. At first self-taught, he went on to study at the National School of Fine Arts (in Rio de Janeiro), where he expanded his hidden talent and unconstrained vocation. Romanelli – and I believe everyone agrees - is a modern impressionist, from its main names he inherited faithfulness to their ideas. Romanelli´s paintings are not restricted to landscapes. Although figuration is not a central motif. He is rather a researcher of themes that are akin to him. To collectors and admirers, in appreciating these beautiful paintings, it is well possible that they will agree with Cézanne’s friends. Yes, Romanelli is also used to spilling buckets of colors on his canvases, but he does so as a painter identifying with his culture. This, to me, is the greatest reason for his being an artist admired not only in Brazil but also abroad. In our contemporary art few painters provoke such empathy from the public."

Geraldo Edson de Andrade
Writer and Art Critic

"A CLASSIC OF BRAZILIAN PAINTING Today, a time-honored artist, Spread throughout Brazil as well as parts of Europe, Romanelli´s paintings are exposed with prestige. Takes notes on his observations for further elaboration in his atelier. Although, it gives him more pleasure developing his works n open aired spaces, this implies a faster rate of execution and more attention to the result as a whole. The outlines and the motifs share the same atmosphere, acquiring a proper dynamic, clearly showing the instantaneity of the moment captured. Its nature contains only light and color rejecting blackness and neutral gray, substituting the concept of form for image. As an impressionist Romanelli doesn’t copy a real image, nor does he represent it. He reconstructs reality in a poetical way. He makes of his art an act of synthesis the integral vision of a given moment."

Jorge Garcia
Art Critic for the magazine EM VOGA, Lisbon, Portugal

"Romanelli is more than talented, prodigious, and fabulous because he is illuminated. This master’s command over colors is admirable. To the dance of his brushes, the red reddens, the blue is bluer and the white bleaches. Under the command of his hand, Don Quijote is as beautiful as it is in Cervante´s text. Romanelli is superlative at a time when, in this country, very few are. Five? Four? Three? Less than that. Romanelli is one of them. I am a man of few honors and one of them is to have been a contemporary of Romanelli´s."

Chico Anysio
Writer, comedian and artist.
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